About Us

How Our Story Began...

Per-Åke will proudly and confidently order a glass of ice cold, skim milk any time or any where. Anyone who knows Per-Åke understands it’s just part of the package. It’s his natural born right as a descendant of the Vikings! He will tell you it tastes great especially with spicy food - a perfect contrast…so why not in a bar at a Spanish restaurant during happy hour?! It was one rainy evening in late October in downtown San Francisco when he decided to drop by for a dinner so why not order a glass of milk with his meal? If you know Per-Åke, then you have experienced this at some point! The only thing that made his request different this time was that he noticed, out of the corner of his right eye, the slight amusement and beautiful smile of the woman sitting next to him.

Charrón Capri heard the request and watched in delectation as the two bartenders argued in Spanish about where they were going to get ice cold skim milk. She had just finished a client presentation and was there at the advice of the parking attendant who said “lady - you don't want to leave now - “no bueno” - there is too much traffic, why don’t you wait an hour”. If you know Charrón Capri, then you would also know that for her sitting alone in a bar, during happy hour while balancing her project portfolio and purse on her lap, wasn’t a typical moment.

Per-Åke, intrigued by the mix of bewilderment and light-heartedness emanating from the woman next to him, tried one of the nachos, turned right and looked at her squarely in the eye with a mischievous smile and said “Is this salsa hot or is it you?”. Startled, Charrón Capri laughed and with tears in her eyes, extended her hand and said: “I’m Capri”. Per-Åke took her hand in his and said “I’m Per” and they have been holding hands ever since

“I got lucky finding you. I won big the day that I came across you. ’Cause when you're with me, I don't feel blue. Not a day goes by that I would not redo.”

Day 1 by HONNE

Seven magical years later, Per-Åke & Charrón Capri hearts are overflowing with gratitude towards the universe for allowing their paths to cross at that specific moment and time. The journey hasn’t always been easy and the loss of loved ones along the way has strengthened the bond and through it all the definition of the purest true love was revealed. They recognize that the connection of their particular souls, the merging of their lives, experiences, cultures, tribes and ideologies has truly been a blessing beyond their capacity to ever fully put into words. They know that the universe had a plan specifically for their souls. The blessings that would emerge from their love would extended, in some small way, to the lives of those they cherish around them.

“You and me were meant to be as one. The universe has known it all along. Maybe this is where our story starts. Maybe it was written in the stars”.

Written in the stars by Spring Gang

When they first met, they had no idea of the journey they were about to embark and until this date, they still do not know what the Universe has in store for them; however, what has become undeniably clear is that as from that day onwards, they belong together forever and ever. Their story is just getting started…

We invite you to come and celebrate our story in beautiful Ravello, the perfect place for writing our next chapter…

“Cause I would go the distance for you, baby. I’d travel 'round the world if you would let me. I’ll meet you where the sun it always shines”

Good Together by HONNE